• We strictly adhere to the safety requirement of the projects as one of the primary objectives of the organisation.
  • We store all inflammables away from regular stores.
  • We do not engage child labor at any of our project site.
  • We ensure safety environment at site and labor camps.
  • We engage the services of specialists in safety in highly critical areas of projects.
  • We review safety parameters on weekly basis at project sites.
  • We inculcate safety awareness among all site staff, sub - contractors and workmen.
  • We conduct safety weeks at project sites to review the implementation of safety guidelines.
  • We depute staff to “Safety Seminars” conducted by specialised agencies.
  • We provide services of doctors at all project sites for first aid.
  • We tie - up with nearby hospitals for trauma care and other medical services in case of emergency.
  • We utilize all the safety gadgets at project sites to ensure the safety of employees, workers and neighbour’s properties.
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