Quality Policy
  • We execute the projects precisely as per the Drawings, Designs, Specifications and Requirements of Clients/Customers.
  • We utilize all the quality gadgets to ensure quality of work from start to finish.
  • We engage qualified and experienced staff at all projects.
  • We engage only experienced and specialist workmen for all trades at project sites.
  • We procure materials to be used in the works as per the specifications committed to Clients.
  • We carryout thorough quality checks for all materials used in the projects before acceptance at site stores.
  • We engage the services of qualified and experienced Quality Assurance Engineers in each project site to monitor the quality on day to day basis.
  • We review the quality parameters achieved in each project site on a Weekly basis.
  • We engage the services of external quality assurance specialists also in all major projects to asses and approve quality of works.
  • Continuously thinking People/Systems/Technology/Design at International standards.
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